Third party logisticsThird party logistics (3PL) applications have allowed Hybrid to offer services that can be scaled and customized to client’s needs. Primarily serving shippers as a non-asset based provider, Hybrid performs functions including consultation on transportation alternatives and routes, carrier safety and compliance, freight quotation, tracking, financial settlement, and customer claims resolution.

To be useful, Hybrid personnel endeavor to show clients a benefit in financial and operational terms by leveraging expertise and ability in the areas of operations, negotiations, and customer service in ways that complement its customers' preexisting asset-based strategies.

Our team of experienced managers leverage accumulated freight industry expertise and information technology assets. Collectively, our team is able to maintain a significantly greater degree of “hands on” involvement in the transportation of products.

Mutual success is built on the overall understanding of the client’s needs. These needs are generally based on market conditions, key transportation demands and delivery service requirements for client’s products and materials. 

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